JOY was formulated for a client suffering from depression during the case studies part of my aromatherapy certification.  She and I loved the blend so much, I decided to add it to my product line.

Organic Lavender hydrosol with organic essential oils of Patchouli, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Wild Orange, and Aloe Vera jelly.

Directions: Shake vigorously.  Mist neck and inside of wrists.  You may also mist your palms and cup them over your nose and inhale deeply. Joy can be worn as a natural perfume.  

You may choose a 1 oz. Room Mist with your purchase of JOY.

Warning-  Cold - pressed Ruby Red Grapefruit is phototoxic. To avoid serious burns, avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for 24 hours if you have put this  on your skin.

JOY natural perfume or room mist 2 oz. with 1 oz. room mist of choice