Organic Cymbopogon citratus & organic Lavandula angustifolia

Try this organic Lemony Lavender bug repellent for the summer. Safe for you and safe for your pets!

You can use this on the cat but please perform skin patch test first. 

I would recommend misting some on a cottonball and applying to your cat's stomach for 24 hours. If redness occurs, wash with soap and water. Discontinue use. I have had very positive feedback on this mist. Customers tell me it keeps fleas off their dog and bugs off of them.

For People:  Mist clothing and top of head to repel insects.

For Cats:  Always mist your hands and offer it to your cat first.  Cats can be tricky and sometimes even the gentle hydrosols can be too much scent for them.  My advice is to mist your hands and offer them a few times and until they get used to it, do NOT come at them with a mister bottle!  It is truely amazing how accepting a cat can be once they have been helped by the hydrosol.  You could mist a dishtowel and rub it over your cat's fur.  You need to make sure to form a barrier on their body with the spray-arms, legs, inside of legs, back of legs.  Mist your hands to get the top of their head and chest.

PLease do Not force any aromatics on your that they know what they need.

NEVER put essential oils or hydrosols on your pet's snout.


Animal Aromatics hydrosols do NOT contain any preservatives so they MUST BE REFRIGERATED!
Please try Bugs Be Gone for a complete flea AND tick mist-for dogs  and people only contains essential oils.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Organic Cymbopogon citratus & organic Lavandula angustifolia

Organic Lemongrass & Lavender Hydrosol