Pogostemon cablin

For People:  Calming and grounding. Patchouli hydrosol has a much milder scent then the essential oil.  It is outstanding in skincare especially for older, mature skin.  I believe it helps with age spots on hands, chest, and arms!  Patchouli hydrosol keeps the bugs off of you.

Directions For People: For skincare, hold bottle a few inched from face and mist 1-2 times.  Mist your hands, arms, and chest to help with age spots.  You can mist your space for meditation.  You can mist your hands, cup over nose, and inhale deeply to become grounded and relaxed before bed.  Mist the top of your head and body to keep bugs at bay this summer!

For Pets: Patchouli can help ground and calm your pet as well as provide a natural insect repellant for them.  It is helpful for dry skin.

Directions for pets:  Mist your hands and hold out for your pet to smell.  It is ok if your pet licks your hands-that's a positive response!  For calming, you can massage into your pet's head, chest, and neck.  For dry skin, mist and massage into coat.

Please don't force any aromatics on your pets...trust that they know what they need.

Never put essential oils or hydrosols on your pet's snout!

Never spray directly into your pet's face!
Animal Aromtics hydrosols do NOT contain any preservatives so they MUST BE REFRIGERATED!
My hydrosols do NOT have any preservatives so they MUST BE REFRIGERATED. 
Ingredients: Distilled water, Pogostemon cablin 


Patchouli hydrosol