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Everything you eed to catch some zzzzz's or reduce anxious feelings during the day.

Best selling Sleep Balm:A beautiful bouquet of essential oils all carefully selected and blended to assist you with calming your mind and relaxing your spirit before you turn in for the night. On an average day, millions of people struggle with insomnia -toss in a pandemic, possible job loss, illness, work from home, and it makes for some pretty restless nights.Ingredients: Lavender infused Apricot Kernal oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax. Organic essential Oils: Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia), Ylang Ylang( Cananga odorata), Ho Wood(Cinnamomum camphor ct linalool),Sweet Orange(Citrus sinensis), Vanilla Sweet Essence(Vanilla absolute, Benzoin, & Peru Balsam)For People: Rub small amount into temples and on back of wrists-inhale deeply.

 2 oz. Lavender Butter: Ingredients: Mango Butter(Mangifera indica), Organic Shea Butter(Vitellaria Paradoxa) Apricot Kernal Oil (Prunus armeniaca). Organic Lavender essential oil(Lavandula angustifolia)Luscious! Treat yourself and your skin to this small batch, limited whipped body butter! The combination of creamy Mango butter with silky, smooth Apricot Kernal will leave your skin so soft and not at all greasy. A little goes a long way!!

Zen Tea Blend: Lavender, German Chamomile,Peppermint, Tulsi, Rose, Catnip. Nettle




Sleep Box combo #1

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