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How to offer Best Seller Canine Calm


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 Please use the contact form on my site and we can set up a 

FREE 15 Minute mini-phone consult

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A beautiful energy treatment that can speed healing, create deep relaxation and reduce stress in both pets & people. Gentle, safe, effective and used in hospitals world-wide. This is a powerful healing session for animals(or people) like my Theo with PTSD. 

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Herbal consult w/aromatherapy

Plants are powerful allies-whether they be used in herbal formulations or distilled into an essential oil or hydrosol blend for wellness, or to support specific issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety.  You can have a consult for yourself, or your pet. This will include a custom formulation and a 30 minute follow up.

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Consultation w/custom product formulation & Reiki Treatment

A consult for both you and your pet with a Reiki treatment.  This will include a custom blend for both pet and person.  A 30. minute follow up is also included.