1. Always perform a skin patch test:

for pets: mist belly

for people: mist inside of elbow

For both: cover with band aide for 24 hours.  Keep dry.  If redness or irritation occurs, wash area with soap and water and discontinue use.

2. If you or your pet is: elderly, has a medical condition, seizures, compromised immune system, takes medication or has other health concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me with your questions.  I can also custom blend something for you or your pet.  You should ALWAYS check with your doctor or veterinarian first if you or your pet are on medication.

3. Always offer a blend or hydrosol to your pet by misting your hand and holding it out.  Allow them to come to you.  If your pet turns and runs away, NEVER chase them down and force the blend or spray on them.  Know that many pets will take some time to get used to the mister sound.

4. I DO NOT support the use of essential oils for cats!  Hydrosols are the best choice for their delicate skin.  Most of us know that aspirin is fatal to cats.  This is because they lack a liver enzyme, glucuronosyleransferase.  Lots of misinformation out there about cats...even from vets now using and selling their own blends.  Why would you risk your cat's life by way of kidney failure?   The thing about it is-you wouldn't know you had poisoned your cat until it was too late!

 5. All Animal Aromatics hydrosols are safe for cats-with the exception of the peppermint hydrosol.  It is important to give your cat or dog a break from use and to know that you can also further dilute a hydrosol if needed.  

6. Please don't put essential oils in your pet's food or water-you can cause irreversible damage as well as poison them!!  Don't put them in your food or water either.  It's a great way to cause permanent harm to your throat, stomach, and other organs.

7. Although I do not sell essential oils, I advise you to never use them undiluted on your dog. 

8. Please use Animal Aromatics products as they are intended.  Animal Aromatics will NOT be held liable for ANY misuse of its products.

9.  You will NEVER see Tea Tree, Birch, or Wintergreen in ANY of my pet products.  This is due to the fact that they are toxic for dogs.  I understand that there are thousands of blends and concoctions on the market for dogs with Tea Tree oil.  However, Tea Tree oil can cause seizures in dogs. There are plenty of other oils with the same benefits so why risk it?

10.  Never use blends around the anus, eyes, nose etc.  Those people who tell you to do so and then say, "If it appears to burn it means it is working."  NOPE you are burning the mucous membranes of your pet.  Please don't do this!

Please don't add essential oils to my litterbox. That would be dangerous for me!  Madeline