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Reiki Consults

My Herbal /Aroma Consultation service is designed to offer holistic and natural support for pets and their people. During the consultation, I’ll visit your home to discuss your concerns and health status for you or your pet.


Using a personalized approach, I’ll offer essential oils, macerated oils, herbs and hydrosols for you or your pet to select.  If Reiki is chosen, I always let the animals lead the way.  Your Reiki session will be intuitively guided.


I'll offer recommendations based on you or your pet's selection which can include herbs, supplements, or custom blends, or more Reiki work.


I'll work collaboratively with you to create a wellness plan that works for you and your furry companion.

30 Minute Session

Pets or People

*Starting at 50

Theo fights for life in NC State ICU

60 Minute Session
Pets or People.
*Starting at 85

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