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About Animal Aromatics

Treetops Park

     Knowledge is power.  When you know better, you do better. What we now know is that we are over-vaccinating our pets and poisoning their immune system on a monthly basis with toxic chemicals in an effort to control fleas and ticks. We are given powerful drugs like Atopica, which destroys our pet's immune system, in order to control allergies and itchy skin. Finally, we feed our pets highly processed food or junky "prescription diets."

     If you are reading this then we have something in common: we both want our pets to live long,

healthy lives with us. We want to learn about natural alternatives and good food choices! Animal Aromatics was created for people who want a better way to treat common problems with their pets such as itchy skin, anxiety, and infected ears as well as protecting them against fleas and ticks naturally and effectively.

     There is no shortage of misinformation on the internet regarding the use of essential oils for people and pets. It makes me cringe! Our number one priority is SAFETY for you and of course your pet. This means your mists and blends are expertly formulated by me, a certified aromatherapist.


     My formulations are created with the safest, most effective oils and hydrosols for you and your pets with proper dilutions.  Due to the fact that we are all unique and so are our pets, I ALWAYS advise performing a skin patch test before you use any product.


     Animal Aromatics products for people are made in small batches with some of the finest, most unique carrier oils and butters you can find on this planet!  Knowing and understanding how concentrated essential oils are and how much plant material is needed to distill them, we only purchase oils and butters from companies that use sustainable,ethical practices which also help to preserve nature and her medicine.


It is my hope that this website and blog can serve as an informational depot on the latest news in alternative health for our pets and for us! 


     The beautiful dog you see on my logos is Murphy. He was the first dog I have ever had and as I write this now, 3 years later, it is still difficult for me to speak of him. 

     Murphy injured his front leg pounding on a tree after a squirrel. The experts at NC State Veterinary school were stumped. After numerous tests such as bone scans, ultrasounds, x-rays I was left with no diagnosis. I chose not to put him through an MRI as there was no guarantee this would reveal the problem and Murphy was very anxious at vet visits. They believed it was something called a nerve root tumor or some type of rare neurological disease.  However, I did not agree. 

      For the next two years, my life was dedicated to seeking out natural remedies, alternative treatments, and holistic veterinarians to help Murphy regain use of his front leg.  He had acupuncture, laser therapy, and massage as well as herbal remedies. ALL of which helped him feel better.  I also took him swimming in the local lakes every weekend which was great therapeutic exercise for him as he could no longer go on long hikes. All who knew Murphy could see that despite his injury, he had a zest for life. I would have gladly cut off my own arm to save his leg. Murphy was my co-pilot, my weekend warrior, my protector, my world. Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  

     My point in telling you Murphy's story is that I now "know better." Although it took me quite a while, I eventually rescued George.  George just had his first titer test and he has good immune levels for Parvo and Distemper. No over vaccination here!  He has NEVER had a toxic, topical flea & tick solution placed on his skin (which gets absorbed right into the bloodstream). He eats a high quality non processed diet.  Does it take more effort and time? Yes. Is it worth it? You bet. Nature heals if we let her.

     Murphy is with the angels now. Animal Aromatics was created in his honor. May these healing waters bring wellness to you and your pet.



Murphy at Lake Wheeler NC

Treetops Park in Davie, FL  

Murphy at Lake Wheeler, NC

My Story

Laurie at Umstead Park

 Umstead Park Raleigh, NC 2018






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