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Hydrosols are helpful for your kitty-depending on the plant used to create it.  Calming/Enrichment:Lavender, German Chamomile, Rose, Catnip (mist on toys etc. not on cat.), Lavender/Chamomile co-distillation

Flea and tick repellant: Lavender, Lavender & Lemongrass, Lavender/Rosemary, Lavender/Peppermint.

ALWAYS mist your hand and hold out for them to smell.  If your cat walks away, do not mist them.  Please respect your cat's sense of smell and their innate ability to know what they need.

If you have unique needs-please reach out to discuss custom formulation.   The first 10 minutes are free-usually we don't need more time than that for me to get an idea of what your constitution and specific needs are.  You are one of a kind!


Sharon & Lucky


     Animal Aromatics is absolutely wonderful! I have very dry skin and Laurie's skin cream and lavender and rose hydrosols have made a serious improvement. The creams are so moisturizing! I have used all sorts of expensive "luxe" brands, but Animal Aromatics is hands down my favorite. I have received several compliments from family members on how bright and clear my complexion has become. The products smell AMAZING and keep my skin feeling incredible. My dog Lucky even gets the Lavender and Calendula hydrosols sprayed on him to help manage his atopic allergies and he loves it! They have provided much needed relief for him (and me). To top it off, the products are organic, small-batch and hand-made! If you’re looking for high quality, nature-made hydrosols for you and your pet, look no further than Animal Aromatics!


Much Love from Lucky & Sharon!

     I am a big fan of Animal Aromatics products! I have used several hydrosols throughout the past 3 years:  Jasmine, Rose, and Mint are my favorites!  I use them throughout the day at school when I teach middle school!  It is refreshing and I often share with my colleagues that see face light up! :)  I also frequently use the face butter and body butter. My face gets dry in the winter and the face butter relieves this.  I use it at night after washing my face. I keep the body butter on my desk to use throughout the day. Wonderful products!  I highly recommend them! 


Debbie B. M.Ed., NBCT​

Deb B
Kathy and Bently

     Bentley came back from the groomer with his private areas shaved a little too closely. I immediately contacted Laurie at Animal Aromatics and asked her for a recommendation. She advised me to apply the Organic Lavender Hydrosol to a soft cloth and gently rub it on the affected area. It worked! Within 15 minutes, Bentley was no longer scooting on his bottom! Thank you Laurie for your quick response and helping our sweetie feel better!


Kathy Toma

Jen Proulx (Coldwell Banker Realty)

I have sent these amazing gift boxes to friends for birthdays and to clients for real estate closings. They have been so well received that I get phone calls the moment they arrive. Such a unique gift; highly recommend these quality products and the packaging is adorable.

Tina and Jax


     So the spray you gave me for Jax's dandruff problem has been very helpful.  Whenever I see a white speck, I spray him all over.  No more dandruff for awhile.

The facial scrub has helped my face to feel cleansed and soft.  I use it twice a week.  I really like it.

     The "bedtime" spray helps me to relax.  I have trouble sleeping but when I use the spray, I notice I sleep much better.  Love the smell.

     The "dark spot" cream is helping. I have been watching two of my dark spots and one is almost gone. The other has a ways to go.  I will continue to use it.

     All of the oils smell good and are "relaxing".  Laurie has a wealth of knowledge on how to help people and animals feel better.  She's very passionate about her job and helping others.

Tina P.

Teresa and Sassy


     This is my little dog named “Sassy” she passed away last July 2016. She was eighteen years old. She was such a sweet loving companion and I miss her terribly. The last four years of her life she had problems with her ears. She continually scratched at them and was miserable. The inside of her ears stayed red and irritated, I took her to the vet and no matter what they gave me it did not help her. Laurie told me to try her lavender hydrosol, which I sprayed on her ears. The redness and irritation went away. Sassy was also extremely scared of storms, she would tremble. I used the lavender hydrosol to calm her down. I was amazed at the results. I am thankful for Laurie’s lavender hydrosol. Sassy was able to enjoy her last years on earth without being miserable.
     Thank you, Laurie!

Teresa Carswell

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