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Top 10 Tick Tips

Be Free From Worry

Ticks. Creepy, Crawly, Opportunistic, Vile Vectors of disease. You know that over the counter topical toxins can be deadly to your dog or cat but you have to protect them! There is a better way and it starts from within.

Here are my top 10 tips

1. Feed fresh food and clean water. Highly processed food=unhealthy pets.

2. Do not over vaccinate your pet-especially for Lyme disease. PLEASE watch clip!

3. Do not use chemicals in your home which can be absorbed by your pet and children.

4. Provide daily play and exercise. They're important to your pet's well being.

5. Do your best to reduce stress for your pet. Chronic stress, like in humans, leads to weakened immune systems and auto -immune diseases.

6. When walking your dog, avoid areas with long grass where ticks lie in wait and stick to the center of trail. Cats should always be kept indoors.

7. You should ALWAYS run your fingers through your pet's coat and check for ticks as well as flea dirt after he or she has been outside. Be sure to check ears and between toes for ticks.

8. Never use Peppermint essential oil to remove a tick from your pet. This is internet rumor and can actually increase the risk of the tick transmitting disease to your pet.

9. If you do find a tick, use a tweasers to grab as close to the skin as possible and pull straight up.

10. Of course, you should get yourself a bottle of Bugs Be Gone and mist yourself and your dog daily before going outside! For the cats, Lavender & Lemongrass hydrosol works great.


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