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Organic Catnip ( Nepeta cataria)

For People: Catnip makes a great insect repellent when combined with other insect repelling essential oils and a carrier oil or some aloe vera gel.  

Directions for People:   Mist clothing for natural insect repellent (should add essential oils for an effective repellent)

FOR CATS: Your cats will thank you!  They will have some crazy catnip fun.  You may see rolling, jumping, licking-which is fine-let them go nuts.  Some cats do not respond to catnip in herbal form yet go bonkers for it in the hydrosol form.

Directions for Cats:  Mist their toys or bedding.  You do not need to do this on a daily basis.  Once or twice a week will do.  I do not recommend misting your cat with catnip hydrosol.  Honor your cat for the sensitive being that he or she is-allow them to walk away if they so choose.

Please don't force any aromatics on your pet-trust that they know what they need.

NEVER put essential oils or hydrosols on your pet's snout.

NEVER spray directly into your pet's face!

Animal Aromatics hydrosols do NOT have any preservatives so they MUST BE REFRIGERATED.

Ingredients: Distilled water, organic Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Organic Catnip Hydrosol

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