Organic Rosa damescena 

For People: Cooling, balancing, rejuvinating.  Rose adds and retains moisture which makes it an excellent choice for many skin types including: dry, sensitive, fragile, and aging. Rose is helpful for numerous types of skin problems including bites, cuts, scratches, and itchy, flaky skin.  Rose is associated with the heart chakra.  It is useful in times of sadness and stress.  The scent of Rose hydrosol smells just like the beautiful Rose but in a much milder way.  It is much less overpowering than the essentail oil.  Pure bliss.

Directions For people:  Hold bottle a few inches away from face, close eyes, and mist.  You can mist your body, bed, pillow, and just about anything else you can think of!  Rose is very uplifting in stressful times.  You can also mist your hands. cupthem over your nose, and inhale deeply.
For Pets:  Rose is a good choice for rescue animals, who may have been neglected or abused. It is associated with the heart chakra. It is also hydrating and helps with dry, flaky skin.

Directions For Pets:  Mist your hand and hold it our to your pet. Allow him or her to come to you and smell your hand. It is ok if your pet licks your hand, no chemicals here! You may mist your hands and massage into your pet's fur for itchy skin.  You can mist pet directly if they don't mind the sound.  For stressed animals, you can mist your hands and gently massage into their chest, top of head, and neck.  

Please don't force aromatics on your pet- trust that they know what they need!

 NEVER put essential oils or hydrosols on your pet's snout!

Animal Aromatics hydrosols do NOT have any preservatives so they MUST BE REFRIGERATED. 
Ingredients: Distilled water, organic Rosa damascena

Organic Rose damescena hydrosol